Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
— CHAPTER TWENTY-EIGHT The Missing Mirror—

‘Gone,’ croaked Aberforth. ‘Gone forever.’ 

He wiped his nose on his cuff, and cleared his throat. ‘’

Course, Grindelwald scarpered. He had a bit of a track record already, back in his own country, and he didn’t want Ariana set to his account too. And Albus was free, wasn’t he? Free of the burden of his sister, free to become the greatest wizard of the –’ 

He was never free,’ said Harry. 

‘I beg your pardon?’ said Aberforth. 

‘Never,’ said Harry. 

‘The night that your brother died he drank a potion that drove him out of his mind. He started screaming, pleading with someone who wasn’t there. “Don’t hurt them, please ... hurt me instead.”

‘He thought he was back there with you and Grindelwald, I know he did,’ said Harry, remembering Dumbledore whimpering, pleading. ‘He thought he was watching Grindelwald hurting you and Ariana ... it was torture to him, if you’d seen him then, you wouldn’t say he was free.’


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